Spectrum Law & Mediations


Spectrum Law and Mediations provides a tailored approach to people who are separating and divorcing. Our goal is to keep families out of court and keep costs as low as possible.

Spectrum assists parties via Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation), Collaborative Legal Representation and Parenting Communication.

  • Family Dispute Resolution – the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner facilitates discussion between both parties to help them make sensible decisions about Parenting and Financial issues.
  • Legal Representation – The Lawyer acts for one party and other other party is represented by another collaboratively-minded lawyer. The lawyers work as a team helping the parents work out their parenting and financial arrangements in a respectful, time and cost-efficient way.
  • Parenting Coordination – The Parenting Coordinator works with both parties to help them interpret and implement their parenting orders and develop an effective post-separation parenting relationship.
  • Child inclusive practice – In some instances, we may meet with the children to hear their voice.
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Mary Louise Hatch