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  • One of the highlights of 2022 for me has been the VIP Business Network. I have attended numerous events, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed and through which I have met so many amazing people, a number of whom have become both business associates and friends. Margaret Cunniffe is a wonderful events organiser and provides dedicated and thoughtful service to her members at events and on the VIP Business Network website and social media. Added to that, she and many of her members very generously give to people in need in our community. So for me it ticks all of the boxes for a business networking group and I heartily recommend it.
    Peter Maguire
    Ridgeline HR
  • Margaret is a master networker - I've really appreciated her business network and her passion for people. I feel that the VIP Business Network has been the right networking group for me because Margaret sees people as people - friends and colleagues first, rather than business first. Genuine connections and friendship breeds trust and respect. Thanks for everything you do Margaret! I highly recommend the VIP Business Network to all of my LinkedIn connections!
    Arthur Athan
    Maeve O'Brien & Associates Lawyers
  • Margaret Cunniffe is an advocate for not only the business/brand of her members in VIP Business Network but for the person you are. Since joining in April 2021, Margaret has supported me personally with her wonderful retreats in Daylesford which I've attended twice now, allowing me to focus on me and intern my business. The perfectly curated lunch and dinner events located around Melbourne allows me to get out and surround myself with like-minded people so I can promote Green Whisk and the services we provide.
    Desi D'Agostino
    Green Whisk
  • I was introduced to Margaret and her VIP Business Network and in only a few short months have been not only able to connect with other likeminded business owners, but also ones that have similar target markets who we can collaborate with. Margaret takes the time to ensure you sit with and are introduced to the right people to ensure you get the most value out of each one. Margaret has a strong focus on community, connection and growth. Highly recommended for anyone who's ready to try a new and better way of networking.
    Fil Strati
  • Event organisers have to be creative and capable to work with precision. Margaret Cunniffe is the one, she’s extremely gifted in hosting networking events! She is very personable, an active listener with excellent memory in remembering your area of expertise. If you’re looking for a networking group to join and expand your business, I highly recommend you talk to Margaret to join VIP BUSINESS Network.
    Jocelyn Chong
    Seed to Sequoia
  • Margaret is an exceptional business networker, and it has been my greatest privilege to be a part of her VIP Business Network. She instantly makes people feel welcome with her warmth and openness, whether at in-person events or online zoom sessions. Margaret has a genuine desire for each member to achieve greater success in their business. She is a true professional with great knowledge and understanding of all things to do with business. Margaret has always been super helpful, responsive, and shown genuine concern for the success of my business. She personally helped me to connect with other business owners who may need my assistance. I couldn’t recommend this lovely lady any higher. She’s an inspiration and it has been a delight to be a part of her VIP Business Network.
    Carolyn Apostolou
    Inspired 2 Nurture
  • I have had the privilege of becoming a member of VIP Business Network for nearly 12 months and during this time Margaret has been a great 'connector' to right-fit members. She is defintiely the 'Queen of Connection'. The calibre and quality of members at VBN is outstanding and Margaret specifically hand picks small groups who are in similar industry sectors to ensure your time is not wasted when attending the event. One of the key reasons I joined VBN was the community focus and the charity work they do as it is one of the values I hold high, particularly in such uncertain times. Thank you Margaret and look forward to being a member for many more years to come.
    Catie Paterson
    Director, HR Business Consulting
  • With all my years in Business and being involved with various Networks I have found Margaret the owner of VIP Business Network to be a genuine and supportive network connector. Margaret's ability to collaborate and support all members is extraordinary. She goes out of her way to ensure all connections are of interest to her members. During the last 6 months Margaret's navigation throughout lockdown has ensured all members stay connected through twice weekly zoom events. Now with face to face connections Margaret has continued to have members attend various lunch events where you can meet and chat, she goes out of her way to introduce you to a fellow member to connect with. If you want to be part of a Business Network with Professionals sharing similar values VIP Business Network is for you. Margaret's ability to connect with others and think collaboratively is unique and sets her apart from other Business Networks. When relationships are solid its where the magic occurs. Thank you Margaret
    Mary Philippou
    Business Mentor for Women
  • I was introduced to Margaret through a mutual contact and from the first networking session with VIP Business Network I knew straight away that myself and my business should be part of this community. Margaret and VIP Business Network are a supportive and genuine community full of like minded business operators. Becoming a member of the community opened the gates for me to refer my clients to trusted individuals that will look after my clients. Margaret is always ahead of the game with checking in and providing support to each member. Even during tough times she orchestrated networking events online. She is a professional at connecting people together!! I look forward to continuing working with this network. Thank you Margaret!
    James Clark
    Stark Finance
  • I have been networking in the small business space for over 15 years and spent a number of years running my own networking groups and events. During that time I have never met a networking group organiser who put so much care, thought and work into ensuring her members make relevant and valuable connections. Multiple and varied opportunities to connect as well as well thought out personal introductions. Thank you Margaret – I don’t become a raving fan easily but you’ve won me!
    Brenda Thomson
    CEO, The Better Business for Good Company
  • Hi Margaret, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your support since I joined VIP Business last month. I been warmly welcomed by you and many members. The real stand out however is how you and other members have been proactive in introducing me to others within the network who may need my services. My first consulting proposal is due this week. I'm also very impressed with your passion to not only support your members, but also those in need by leveraging the network for philanthropic purposes. Very much looking forward to a long association. Kind regards, Litsa Barberoglou
    Litsa Barberoglou
  • Now in my second year, I am proud to be a part of VIP Business Network. Margaret has an uncanny knack of connecting like-minded businesses in groups to both support and work with each other from the heart. Such a valuable asset, especially in the last 2 years of turmoil. The wider hub where the plethora of business owners have access to each others' expertise, has huge benefits, such as being a guest speaker, consulting, fundraising and being of service to communities in need; all of which I have experienced. Thank you Margaret for bringing VIP into being.
    Sandy B. Simmons
    Founder & Educator at Simply Better Health Co.
  • If you are looking for a way to meet, connect and network with other businesses without feeling anxious, you must have a chat with Margaret from VIP Business Network. Margaret's passion to create a safe and welcoming group of like minded, caring and sharing businesses is quite remarkable. During my time with VIP Business Network, I have, not only had opportunities to grow my own personal profile but have also made some life long friendships and a completely different approach to what networking is. Thank you Margaret for all you do.
    Lisa Stafford
    Buyer Advocate & Vendor Advocate at AJ Stafford
  • Margaret creates wonderful events that are conducive to meeting a range of like minded business people. They vary from venues to online and offline events. Margaret works tirelessly to ensure she exceeds each member's expectations of what a networking group means to them. The relaxed atmosphere that sets the scene for each event allows each member to mingle and meet a range of people. If you are wanting a networking opportunity for your business without the hassle of meeting KPI's and taking up too much of your precious time, then contact Margaret and try VIP Business Network- you won't be disappointed.
    Kym West
    Lorna May Creative
  • I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Margaret by a friend who is a member of the VIP Business Network which Margaret established and runs. Margaret is an energetic and inspiring person with strong business acumen and has an amazing ability to identify and connect like minded business people who can support each other in mutual growth and she makes things happen at speed! In my case, within 1 week of joining VIP Business Network, Margaret connected me with a great operator within the group who in turn referred our services to her client who signed on a week later and all is going well. Looking forward to what month 2 will bring! 🙂 Highly recommend reaching out to Margaret and considering VIP Business Network if you are interested in connecting with more like minded professionals and expanding your reach in your domain.
    Allen Cook
    Key Account Manager at Crayon
  • I help business owners rediscover their mojo 🔸 by finding their operational other half/soul mate 🔸 I am also known as The Career Whisperer 🔸 leading career coach to over 1200 people 🔸I help business owners rediscover their mojo 🔸 by finding their operational other half/soul mate 🔸 I am also known as The Career Whisperer 🔸 leading career coach to over 1200 people 🔸 Margaret is a wonderful person who puts everything, and I mean everything into VIP Business Network. I experienced her passion during the challenging COVID lockdowns in 2021 and what she was able to do, to hold the network together and provide value to members, despite all the fog and anxiety....well I take my hat off to Margaret!
    Greg Weiss
    The Career Whisperer