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As a Relationships Architect I help couples get over resentment, hurt and fear using the AKRA methodology that I developed in the last 10 years. This methodology empowers my clients both individually and as a couple and allows for personal freedom, ultimately focusing on building romance and passion into their lives. The goal is to create the de...
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Annie Kallis
b.extraordinary group helps ordinary, everyday people to create their extraordinary life – whatever that means to them and teams be the best at what they do using a using a one-of-a-kind success system that enables the creation of results you never thought possible. This six-month transformational success system called Thinking Into Results is d...
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Bree Zampogna
Debbie is founder of the Heart Centred Way dedicated to assisting business owners to reduce stress and increase profitability through the power of a regular meditation practice. She is also a thought leader in the coaching space and since 2012 has transformed the lives of 1000’s of women across Australia, New Zealand and USA. She specialises in ...
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Debbie Zita
Hello my name is Bill Carson, I am a Principal Master Instructor of Mental Health First Aid and Wellbeing Trainer and Coach with over 20 years of experience in corporate, but my long list of achievements don’t reveal what was happening beneath the surface. Through a lived experience of over 30 years’ suffering, ‘hiding’ and overcoming my own dep...
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Bill Carson
Carolyn Apostolou is a Corporate Wellness Coach who runs individual and group programs for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are time poor, feeling out of control and overwhelmed with life & all the different balls they are juggling. I guide these men & women to integrate simple nourishing practices, habits or routines to feel more ...
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Carolyn Apostolou
We at Jeanine Sciacca International help people become more successful by teaching, coaching and speaking on all things to do with leadership and personal development. An area of focus is helping people understand and KNOW that we are all creating our own reality, whether we are aware of it or not. We do this with our thoughts, our emotions and ...
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Jeanine Sciacca
Jo-Anne is a Holistic Business Coach, it is her passion to work 1:1 with women solopreneurs who have been operating a business for 2+ years and are looking for guidance to refine their business model through coaching and mentoring to find flexibility & balance to scale their business. Unless you have systems and strategies in place, it can b...
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Jo-Anne Grist
I come with over 7 year’s experience as a Career Coach who helps individuals explore career opportunities, identify core strengths and coach them to achieve career/job success. I have worked with hundreds of individuals from admin roles right through to management and executive roles. Partnering with people on their career paths and supporting t...
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Marina Pitisano
The ultimate step by step guide to making money by somebody who has done it. Why did you go into business in the first place? Did you accidentally just buy yourself a J O B? Mary Philippou is one of the best business strategic minds in the entrepreneurial space today. With her business experience now covering over 30 years including raising a fa...
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Mary Philippou
Clear communication is power! The power of clear communication extends across the written and the spoken word. Maybe you’ve written a book, or launched an initiative, and want to do some promotional talks. Perhaps you need to prepare a speech for a special occasion or significant event. Maybe you simply want to boost your confidence so you can p...
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Karen Crombie
At ReAline You, I have a saying, “ What you think you become”. So based on this theory I help women in the age group of 35 – 40 years who are either stuck in their current roles in their jobs and want to move to a better and more promising role or have been thinking about a side hustle and haven’t been able to muster up the courage to do so.
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Pooja Kelkar
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My passion is to help others to unlock their unlimited potential. I love connecting with people, whether it be through coaching, training, or speaking. However, I am passionate about coaching; there is nothing more satisfying than adding value to another person or group of people and watching them grow to reach their full capabilities. We also w...
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Nancy Assad
I am an intuitive, energy medicine health and life coach, passionate about helping women heal. I specialize in body image, spirituality, emotional eating and career coaching. I’m the woman behind the brand Wholesome Lifestyle Project. I love helping women with something most don’t openly talk about in the wellness space: binge eating...
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Estelle Coombe-Heath
Seeking the perfect work/life balance, we often blame the lack of time. The real challenge is our relationship with our time. What do we do with our time? How do we use it to achieve our ideal work/life balance? If you want to gain control over your own time, better your work/life balance, you need to learn how to be more productive with the ti...
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Ildi Racz
Workplace bullying is costly: both to the individuals being bullied, and to your organisation, on a number of levels. That is where we can help. At Working Well Together, we specialise in preventing and managing workplace bullying, through our Abrasive Leader Specialist Coaching, Workplace Bullying Support Program, and our Bullying and Preventio...
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Michael Plowright
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