We are all about creating connections and the VIP Business Network is Australia’s Premier Network. When you are a member of our group you get access to our exclusive member only portal to connect and collaborate. Our members are interested in you and your business. The point of being a member is to publicise your business – gain referrals – connections. This is achieved through mutual beneficial relationships and establishing your presence in our community.

As Australians we conduct business in what we describe as connecting in with like-minded people. The VIP Business Network does just that, as it gives you exclusive access to Members only events including morning teas, lunches, evening networking events and special meetup opportunities around our beautiful city and surrounding suburbs. The events and locations vary each month. You will also enjoy business promotion via our databases and social media, as part of your membership.

The ethos of VIP Business Network is to give back to the local community which is done via your presence in our community. Community focusses have helped DV shelters, non-perishable food for families/pensioners, homeless, kids back to school kits, hygiene products for community showers to name but a few.


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Right from an early age, Margaret has been caring for family, friends and those less fortunate with her big heart. In her early career Margaret worked in IT in the banking and finance sector both in Australia and the UK. When she returned to Perth in 2004, she setup and ran a successful Women in Business Forum and of course the VIP Entertainment Club now in its 14th year.

Moving to Melbourne in 2010 with a larger business community, Margaret established the VIP Business Network in 2013 in order to create a community of likeminded individuals concerned with doing something for those less fortunate while creating a friendly environment in which to network and create leads for their businesses.

If you’ve ever met Margaret, you will have experienced her passion for charity, her ability to make meaningful connections and her ability to ensure her members maximize the relationships within the business community.


MEMBER COMMUNITY – Access to members only portal on our website to connect and collaborate with other members in our community

PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS – Business e-referrals and introductions provided by the group facilitator

MEMBERS ONLY EVENTS – Invitations to Exclusive Members Only events including morning teas, lunches, evening networking events and special meetup opportunities

MEMBER EVENT DISCOUNTS – You will be the first to know of events with reduced ticketing prices as part of you membership

MARKETING OF YOUR BUSINESS – Promotion and Marketing of your business through our social media portals and data bases

ON-LINE BUSINESS LISTING – Personalised listing of your business on our website via VIP Business Directory section

MEMBER EVENT PROMOTION – Promotion and Marketing of your events, seminars and workshops to our members

FEATURED BUSINESS – Opportunity to be featured and profiled in our “Business of the Week”

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