Redefining Business Success – The Heart Centred Way…. Gain intimate access into the hearts and minds of 7 successful business owners through a model of inquiry known as ‘The 6 Selves.’ Be captivated by a deep level of openness, typically withheld in business settings, along with a level of diversity across genders, industries, ages, and bu...
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Debbie Zita
With anything involving the written word, an excellent editor is your ally. Frank feedback, consistent corrections and a meticulous eye for detail combine to make your work shine. Small typos and inadvertent errors detract from your otherwise amazing report or compelling story. Exact Editing takes your rough diamond and polishes it to perfection...
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Karen Crombie
Most owners of management consultancy businesses around the western world end up running a business that actually runs them. They end up working more hours than they ever wanted for less money than they expected when they started the business. The ones who are successful enough to grow their businesses beyond survival and have a small team worki...
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Greg Roworth
Hazel is a solicitor, admitted to practice law in Victoria, Australia. Before emigrating to Australia, she was admitted to practice in Botswana, having read for her law degree in South Africa. Though she was born in the UK, she grew up in Africa, having lived in Rhodesia (yep she’s that old) later Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. She n...
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Hazel Todd
Why are you here? What are you meant to do here in this short span of human years on this planet? Have you ever really contemplated this question? This is about knowing your life’s purpose and what value you are meant to add to this world? Having a true sense of purpose is our centre-point of our existence or we live ‘lost’. Until we discover an...
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Jeanine Sciacca
Katherine Isbrandt is an experienced Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) passionately helping, educating and supporting clients to develop strategic investmet plans for their retirement, and clients who have already retired and wish to maximise their income and government benefits for income security and asset longevity. Katherine is a specialist...
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Katherine Isbrandt
Business Mastermind Workbook THE KEY TO SALES SUCCESS in business is to become a Master of the Science of Sales. The Business Mastermind Workbook provides a development platform to build the world’s best salespeople. The workbook dives deeply into frequent sales challenges, making a winning first impression, building rapport, understandin...
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Leanne Elich
Sharon Breslin - Author.jpg
“One Day at a Sacred Site is worth a Thousand Meditations” International Author, Tour Guide and Feng Shui Master Teacher, Sharon Breslin takes you on a truly magical journey as she shares her tale of adventures through mystical ancient lands. From the moment she stepped foot on Egyptian soil the mysteries began to unfold. There were chance meeti...
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Sharon Breslin
The ultimate step by step guide to making money by somebody who has done it. Why did you go into business in the first place? Did you accidentally just buy yourself a J O B? Mary Philippou is one of the best business strategic minds in the entrepreneurial space today. With her business experience now covering over 30 years including raising a fa...
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Mary Philippou
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We help you to create a beautiful legacy so that your loved ones are looked after in the event that you are no longer here. We work closely with you to create your Estate Plan so that your wishes are adequately reflected and documented.
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Melisa Sloan
Greetings fellow readers. I am excited to bring you the third instalment of my book series. It is called More Life, More Strength. This book will be about my trip to the tropical island Paradise of Jamaica. I invite you to sit back, relax and let me take you on a journey from Australia to the USA and the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean. Her...
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Simon Sultana
I have 15 years of experience teaching French as a LOTE and English as a second language. I also have 7 years of experience working in the corporate world. Both these experiences combined have given me a unique edge and insight into what it is that challenges women and young people the most. As a teacher, one has an acute sense of the learning n...
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Pooja Kelkar
I’m very passionate about restoring a healthy relationship with your body, so the method I share in this book is called the “Sacred body awakening”. A step-by-step roadmap to have a better relationship with your body. I’m excited for you to learn more about how you can feel happier and at home in your own skin. This journ...
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Stel Coombe-Heath
SIMPLE TRUTHS, Being Prepared – A Practical Guide for Preconception Author – Sandy B Simmons Being Prepared – A Practical Guide to Preconception is the first in the ‘BEING’ series of Simple Truths Preconception   Conception   Pregnancy   Birthing   Lactation Simple Truths is designed to promote thinking past the current status...
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Sandy Simmons
WAISING MISS CHLOE Removing the fear of raising a child with Down syndrome. This book tells the story of someone who had their greatest fear realised and how it became their greatest treasure. It is about an organised and determined woman who said she would never care for a baby with disabilities and how her life was transformed beyond recogniti...
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Sue Dymond
Gain intimate access into the hearts and minds of 7 successful business owners through a model of inquiry known as ‘The 6 Selves’. Be captivated by a deep level of openness, typically withheld in business settings, along with a level of diversity across genders, industries, ages and business stages. About the Author Vanessa Thomas is the owner o...
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Vanessa Thomas
How do you differentiate yourself from others? Are you part of the crowd watching others build their Personal Brand and differentiate themselves from others? Do you remain in your comfort zone for fear of criticism and do not know how to be a leader in your field of work? In such a competitive world, with countless options and alternatives, it i...
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Gaby Company
Hi I am Gabby, founder of Your Wellbeing Centre, I work with women who are going through separation and divorce and have found themselves feeling lost and stuck in life.  Through my Thriving Through Divorce program my clients reclaim their identity and self-worth.  By combining my experience in meditation and mindfulness practices my clients are...
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Gabrielle McDonald
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