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Expressive art therapy offers counselling and art therapy programs for people with disabilities at the participants home and at the venue in Hampton.
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Vera Billings
My business Feng Shui Spaces focuses on the intuition of personal space combined with traditional solutions. I teach you how to be spatially aware as I assist in creating a powerful environment that is just right for you. I trained as a Feng Shui Master Teacher with the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui plus Classical Feng Shui certificati...
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Sharon Breslin
We live in a world full of food additives, chemical cleaners and unhealthy lifestyle choices which greatly impact ourselves and those we love. Hello, I am Paula, and over 11 years ago, with my husband John, we created Healthy Oils Global. We are having an amazing time helping people all over the globe take back the control of their own and thei...
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Paula Eckert-Overbeek
Intuitive art and self-care cards for when you need a little boost, some self-care inspiration or want to reach out to those you care about. Natalia Walker of Inner Creative uses an intuitive drawing process to create colourful mandalas- an ancient and sacred art form that involves creating patterns and shapes within a circle. Each mandala comes...
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Natalia Walker
Carolyn Apostolou is a Corporate Wellness Coach who runs individual and group programs for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are time poor, feeling out of control and overwhelmed with life & all the different balls they are juggling. I guide these men & women to integrate simple nourishing practices, habits or routines to feel more ...
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Carolyn Apostolou
Remedial massage therapy is a whole body treatment that involves the use of differing massage techniques. Your qualified Muscle Harmony massage therapist will specifically design a treatment to target your area of need.
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Jane Mifsud
Health Coach, Wellness Advocate, mum of boys, writer + creative. I work with driven people and busy mums to overcome stress and fatigue. With a previous career in luxury high-end Fashion + Lifestyle retail and frequent international travel as a buyer for my two family businesses in Sydney, I know what it is like to feel stressed and to reach bu...
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Sascha Jones
The entire SEACRET beauty product range is enriched with water, salt or mud-based Dead Sea minerals for which there is no natural or synthetic substitute in the cosmetic pharmaceutical world. The mineral composition used in these cosmetics is so special that it cannot be successfully imitated in any lab. The exceptional composition of Dead Sea c...
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Miriam Hain
Simply Better Health was born after realising that contamination was rife in our food chain, as many in the community were struggling to nourish themselves, especially after an illness.  At Simply Better we believe that we have a self-responsibility to both ourselves and our environment to collectively and consciously create a new way forward to...
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Sandy B Simmons
I am an intuitive, energy medicine health and life coach, passionate about helping women heal. I specialize in body image, spirituality, emotional eating and career coaching. I’m the woman behind the brand Wholesome Lifestyle Project. I love helping women with something most don’t openly talk about in the wellness space: binge eating...
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Estelle Coombe-Heath
The Revitalise Centre is a wellness hub that cultivates and nurtures your physical and emotional wellbeing. We’re a collective of practitioners who embrace a complete approach to holistic health and wellbeing to guide your journey to vibrance. We provide therapeutic services to honour your body and fuel your soul. Our services and specialties in...
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Juliet Dyer
I believe that we all have a story and in our story are the life experiences that we can bring to assist in others doing the same. I now have committed myself to helping others through holistic counselling, healings, readings and past life discovery. It would be an honour to assist you on your journey to healing and self love.. If you would like...
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Maria Handler
Keren Slutzkin is the founder of Vital Assurance.  She is a highly experienced personal trainer, caterer, and certified holistic Health and Wellness coach. She specialises in working with other mums and dads to make permanent, positive changes in their lives. She is Melbourne based and is a mother of 2 teenage boys. She works with mums that are ...
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Keren Slutzkin
Nurse owned and driven, Wattletree Health Group is a team of experienced and passionate in-home registered nurses, passionate about delivering exceptional, responsive and competent care, well above expectation. We are highly regarded for our expertise, reassurance, warmth, compassion and presence in your hour of need. Our scope of care extends t...
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Callie Watt
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