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Follow Your Natural Genius To Live A Life You Love!

Marie Ruzicka and Melanie Colling

We all have a natural way to learn, lead and love and a natural path to wealth.

If your path seems to be overwhelmed with obstacles or your vision for your life seems unattainable, it may be that you haven’t yet discovered your innate strengths or superpowers. When you are aligned with your genius, the path to realizing your life’s vision becomes clearer – or a new, more perfect and compelling path appears.

In YOU ARE A GENIUS, Marie Ruzicka and Melanie Colling bring together 18 global innovators share their inspiring stories about how they uncovered their true genius and personal flow through Wealth Dynamics, the profiling system created by Roger Hamilton. It helped them to create a joyful, wealthy, purposeful life of meaningful contribution and a life they love.

Each chapter is a gem that will give you new insights into your innate strengths, superpowers, and ultimately, your genius. Each author shares truth, tools, and transformational strategies that will spark in you a powerful motivation to discover YOUR genius, pursue your heart’s desire and achieve all that you dream about—no matter how impossible that dream may seem.

Wouldn’t we all love to live more from our Genius and have a life full of ease, joy and meaning!

May this book spark your journey…..M&M

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