Working Well Together


Workplace bullying is costly: both to the individuals being bullied, and to your organisation, on a number of levels. That is where we can help.

At Working Well Together, we specialise in preventing and managing workplace bullying, through our Abrasive Leader Specialist Coaching, Workplace Bullying Support Program, and our Bullying and Prevention Workshops.

Abrasive Leader Specialist Coaching
Abrasive or bullying leaders can be challenging to manage, leaving you at a loss at what you can do. We have specialist coaching knowledge to help you resolve the challenge of abrasive leaders, creating better leaders and saving on related costs.

Workplace Bullying Support Program
As an Employer of Choice, you want to ensure that your employees are happy and supported. Our Workplace Bullying Support Program supports your company to build and maintain a mentally healthy workplace, one that is free from bullying. We help you navigate the journey to reach a positive resolution for everyone involved.

Workplace Bullying and Prevention Workshops
Our bullying workshops help you manage and prevent bullying behaviours. Based on our specialised knowledge and experience, we have developed a unique Bullying Early Intervention Framework that underpins our education. This framework is focused on helping you and your teams understand bullying and intervene early, thereby preventing its reoccurrence.

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