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How living with a Skin Affliction Drove me to create my own Skin Care Brand-Be Oil’d

Ask any child who suffers from the itchy red eczema just how sad and lonely it can be having to face the world with skin that looks like you may be contagious. Not only do you have to face the looks and the whispers behind your back, but the pain of constant itching that nothing will fix is just plain miserable.

Growing up I was that little girl who had to endure lotions and potions (most that did not work and mostly from man-made chemicals) which has continued into my adult life where today I still am prone to suffering a pre-disposition of dry and itchy skin.

It’s been a long-life journey for me trying to find the right solution for my skin problems and in fact my interest in specialising in toxic metals and mineral deficiencies stems from all those years as a child who had to grow up living with eczema.

As women we all dream about having the perfect flawless skin. You only have to look at the billion dollar skin care industry-creams, peels, masks, Botox, injectables, laser treatment, and the list goes on to understand that good looking skin is linked to our perception of our degree of attractiveness, self-image tied up with the ever lasting quest to look youthful beyond our years.

And I was no different spending hundreds of dollars over the years searching for the perfect product that would cure my skin problems but also make me feel good, youthful and attractive. Creams just didn’t have the staying power and most products contained chemicals, fragrances and additives with names you couldn’t pronounce.

In the end after studying toxic metals which I now know pervade our everyday life along with my degree as a Naturopath I thought “Stuff it I’m going to take charge over what I put on my skin”

It was important to me that the product not be just medicinal but also a product that would allow aging women, especially during ‘the change’ when all sorts of hormonal changes start to affect your appearance to feel and look their best.

So, for years I researched, tested and played around with different mixes of 100% organic oils until I discovered the perfect blend! Over dinner one night my partner looked at me and said, “Janine you’re glowing” he then came over and sat beside me and touched my arm and said, “Do you know you have the softest skin?”

It was exhilarating to receive that compliment from my partner knowing I had to created it myself. I knew from that moment on I was onto something.

Women coming through my clinic that they were constantly worried about health issues stemming from what products they were putting on their body, just maybe I could begin to share the solution I had found.

Excitedly I am proud to bring to you my oil, Be Oil’d complete with her classy black and gold label full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost collagen production. Just like a debutante, my baby is ready in her little gold and black dress ready to greet the world.

She is sassy, sexy and being multi-purpose, she has so many uses… I would say Be Oil’d is also smart. I’ve added gold leaf for that touch of luxury as girls if we don’t bring luxury to our lives then who will?

Finally, Be Oil’d is a stand-alone product in her own league for women 45+ who want a quality product which I will develop into my own range that even men can enjoy.

With Love, Janine

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