willHQ.com is an online service to CREATE, UPDATE & COMMUNICATE your last Will & Testament

willHQ.com enables a user to produce a standard simple WILL under Australian law. It does not offer legal advice.

Making a WILL is a simple procedure that does not require a lawyer. You must:

  • Identify yourself and revoke previous wills
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Appoint an executor
  • Specify at least one beneficiary and what you are leaving them
  • Sign and date the WILL
  • Have your signature properly witnessed

The WILL must be hard copy with an original signature. Digital versions or signatures are currently not standard or valid, so that may explain why technology hasn’t improved the process to date.

The problems start, however, when you think of the challenge of preparing a WILL as early as possible, when the life expectancy of the average Australian is now 83 years. Much can and does happen between the age of 18 and the final farewell. Most people may marry, divorce, have children, see parents pass on, buy a house, sell a house, accrue savings, superannuation and investments, hold life insurance, retire, etc. All of these should prompt a review and update of the WILL. For a list of normal WILL triggers see https://willHQ.com.

https://willHQ.com simplifies making and managing a WILL. Its features allow a user to:

  1. Review and update their Will regularly
  2. Communicate its existence and location with heirs and executors (not contents)
  3. Protect against loss, fraud or confusion
  4. Keep a secure digital copy
  5. Reduce the cost of making a WILL hugely

Please go to https://willHQ.com to understand the service being provided and to use the application via the https://www.willhq.com/db/ng/#/sign-up or the CREATE A WILL button.

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