Sharan spent over 20 years in the corporate world before her health encouraged her to re-evaluate her priorities. She’s now a wife, mother, and Integrative Nutrition Women’s Health Coach specialising in hormone imbalances and natural anti-aging solutions. She is uniquely positioned to bring her personal experience and knowledge to women who are struggling with similar health challenges.

Sharan brings her knowledge, and her experience, of being a mother at 40, her infertility, premature menopause and other hormonal and autoimmune challenges over the years, to her work with her clients. When it comes to facing hormonal and aging challenges, Sharan is able to combine her own experiences, with her training, to support her clients.

Her mission is to empower women to have a better relationship with themselves, and to help them to piece together their own health jigsaw in order to live a life full of energy, and to feel in control of their health.

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Sahran Kafoa