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Hi, I’m Rosie Bouton,
I’m the Principal Financial Planner and Aged Care Specialist at We Plan Financial. I help seniors plan for retirement and beyond.

Simply Helping Seniors
We Plan Financial are specialists in financial planning and aged care. When planning for your retirement and future care needs with us, we are with you throughout the entire process. We will explore all the options available to you so you don’t miss out on any entitlements.

We help you to avoid costly mistakes that unfortunately occur with planning for current and future care needs, so you can make an educated and informed decision. We can ensure that the entire family is on board, avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Remove the worry out of retirement
Will I have enough money? How will I afford the care I need? Do I have to sell my home? How will my pension be affected? These are all questions I can help you answer.

Give me a call for an initial no charge appointment.

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Rosie Bouton