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Trident Wellbeing is Australia’s leading educator on how to reprogram your mind and habits and have sustainable wellbeing. We use a multidisciplinary approach encompassing mind tools from cognitive behavioural therapy and Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP). Combining these with physical and internal health assessments to determine the most efficient way forward.

Trident Wellbeing pride themselves on their personal coaching using approaches that suit the individual and their own unique situation. There is no one ‘hat’ fits all, as we understand that everyone has different experiences and interpretations of them.

Whether you have noticed that you have repetitive problems popping up in your personal or professional relationships, or in your health and weight we can address those with real strategies for moving forward. Maybe your career is not fulfilling or going in the direction that you hope for, then we can tackle those from a different angle.

If you simply find that you have habits or setbacks that seem to re-occur then reprograming them can make it easier to move forward in a more congruent fashion.

Trident Wellbeing prides itself on being able to help you in the shortest possible time. We make ourselves available to those in crises understanding that there are times that delaying is not an option.

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