Hi everyone, I am a busy mum of 7 children….yes 7!!. My brood all still live with with us and range in age from 12- 24 yrs old. My husband and I go crazy some days but we wouldn’t have life any other way. I have had my first Thermomix “Thelma” for 4 yrs and my second one “Louise” for 2 yrs. I absolutely love them almost as much as my children and sometimes slightly more than my husband. just kidding!!

They are great for cooking quick, nutritious meals, saving me time to do other things!!! Like clean.

Not only that I have a few dietary issues in the family that I have to cater for which the Thermomix makes it so much easier to do. I have dairy intolerances as do some of my girls. We are careful with gluten as that sets some of us off and we have cut sugar out of our diets ( hubby is diabetic). So I do use and make a lot of alternative ingredients. I am a Thermomix consultant and would love to share my passion for this product and its capability to assist you in everyday cooking.

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Jodie Hodgett
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