The Six Worldbiz Trust trading as Founder's Go2


Hi! I am Surayansh, CEO of Founder’s Go2. I was born & raised in a family with multiple businesses. Growing up, from my dinner table discussions to family get togethers, all I would hear adults in my family talk about was business – new business challenge or opportunity. Between that upbringing and personally supporting many businesses over the last 20+ years of my career, I have developed a deeply intuitive yet experiential problem-solving skills for key business challenges and opportunities. It is my single biggest passion, followed by self-development.

As part of Founder’s Go2, I have helped more than 40 small, medium and large enterprises secure more Revenue – business leads, revenue, convert more sales, build their authority in the industry AND tame day to day chaos by streamlining operations – hiring well, prioritizing business activities, planning well with redundancies, expediate execution, lean processes and more…

Here is a bit more about me:

  • ​Entrepreneur with successful small businesses of my own
  • Executive Advisor to corporate executives and business owners
  • Business Advisor to Solopreneurs → leading international businesses
  • Part-time / Virtual COO
  • Ex-Oracle Director; Ex-Aconex Director
  • Mindset Coach
  • Dad, Husband, and a Nature Lover
  • Breath Worker; Reiki, EFT & Meditation practitioner
Contact Person
Surayansh Surana

I help businesses uncover and address their TOP Revenue (Leads/Conversion/Offer/Pricing) & Operational (Planning/Process/People/Execution) challenge in 6 weeks, GUARANTEED!