The Helping Hub


The Helping Hub.

Help is on its way !!! “What can I do to help?”

The Helping Hub makes answering this question easier and more meaningful than ever by putting helpful support services and thoughtful gift ideas at your fingertips and sharing the true gift of care. It’s meaningful, practical support and warm wishes for those you care about, or simply want to help, when they need it most.

Whether it’s to celebrate the life-changing moment of a new baby, ease the stress of a house move, smooth the transition to a new career, or offer much-needed relief – and a moment of happiness – to someone going through a tough time, The Helping Hub (THH) lets you make a real and thoughtful difference.  For them and for you too.

  • Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, proposals, weddings, pregnancy, birth, divorce, or the trauma of dealing with accidents, illness or death are all part of life.
  • The big events we experience can be joyously happy, devastatingly sad, or just incredibly busy and stressful – but the daily mechanics of everyday life still need to tick on, regardless.

And that’s when helping hands matter most.

With access to experienced, professional support service providers and a range of thoughtful gift options that focus on helping people heal, restore and re-energise, THH is about making people feel better in a way that’s meaningful, purposeful and sustainable.

For every gift-giving occasion, THH is your go-to solution for thoughtful gifts that delight and support in a truly meaningful way. It’s the gift of comfort, relief and a smile.

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