The Courage Project


The Courage Project is a coaching service for business owners and leaders who want to tap into their fullest potential and create extraordinary lives. It was founded by Casey Benjamin who has a background in Psychology and Education. A highly compassionate individual, Casey has always been fascinated in human behaviour as well as business, being quite entrepreneurial from a young age. She works collaboratively with her clients to build a bridge between where they are now and where they want to go. Casey delves into the subconscious, assisting her clients to heal past traumas, tap into resourceful behaviours, and set aligned goals so they can create fulfilling, successful and wholehearted lives with meaning and purpose.

Casey uses a research-based methodology called The Critical Alignment Model (MetaDynamics TM), which supports her clients in creating an environment within which their vision and mission can be achieved by focusing on supportive systems and strategies as well as effective leadership.

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Casey Benjamin