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Olga runs our operations for Victoria / Tasmania. As a lawyer and business advisor with over 15 years’ experience, Olga has a strong belief in personalised service with a holistic business view.

About Tax Assure:

At Tax Assure, we help Australian businesses and Individuals resolve and reduce overall tax debt, by negotiating directly with the ATO.

Our deep understanding of the ATO and their processes ensures we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

As Australia’s leading tax debt specialists, we work with accountants, advisors, lawyers, brokers and financiers to help their clients with tax debt.

Our team includes commercial lawyers and consultants with decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and types.

How we work

  • Our initial Tax Debt Evaluation (TDE) is a review and analysis of your client’s tax debt situation. It is often different than they expect!
  • Ensure we achieve a suspension of action allowing time to devise the best solution
  • Negotiate an optimal and sustainable Payment Arrangement with the ATO
  • Negotiate a remission (refund) of accrued interest and penalties to reduce overall debt
  • This is done in co-operation with the ATO to maintain positive relationships for the client

We also assist businesses with tax debts already under arrangement by negotiating better payment plans and/or an overall reduction of debt through refunds of interest and penalties.

Why Tax Assure?

  • We achieve significantly better outcomes based on our superior knowledge of ATO people / processes and can:
  • Better your clients’ overall financial positions: lower risk, lower LVRs, more stable
  • Buy you time (we often put ATO action on hold) to arrange other business / financial agreements
  • Enable you to focus on your core business and use us for our specialist, niche expertise
  • Give you a competitive advantage by offering a value-add service with a market leader
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