Styling Individuals

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I help professional women elevate their style and build an authentic presence by understanding their clothes and look. So they are confident and look good every day.

I do this through my in-person and online one-to-one Styled for Confidence workshop and training.


You will be confident when shopping, as you will know what styles of clothing and accessories represent your personality.

You will save time by quickly identifying which clothing shapes and styles are in harmony with your body structure.

When you understand the way small details impact your look, you will use this as a tool to craft your overall style.

Finally, you will save money and have peace of mind.

Buyers regret will become a feeling your no longer have.


I’ve got 26 years of experience in styling people from all across the globe, of all different shapes, sizes and styles.  I studied Fashion Design at RMIT, and I have worked in the fashion industry as a designer pattern maker.

I know about clothes and what makes them work; my technical knowledge gives me an in-depth understanding of the fit, function and what flatters the human form.

Although a small number of people are naturally good at this, many of us need support in creating a distinct and personal professional look.

My job is to help you elevate your style and build an authentic presence, by understanding your clothes and look. So you are confident and look every day!

With this as my basis, I would love to share my passion for having clothes that work.

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