Stel Coombe-Heath


I am an intuitive, energy medicine health and life coach, passionate about helping women heal. I specialize in body image, spirituality, emotional eating and career coaching. I’m the woman behind the brand Wholesome Lifestyle Project. I love helping women with something most don’t openly talk about in the wellness space: binge eating. In fact, I was binge eating my way self-hatred and deep depression until I turned things around in 2018.

I’m a recovering binge eater, from an early age I was obsessed with things that weren’t good for me. That obsession turned into an addiction and took over my life for years. Years of dieting and binging led me to develop an eating disorder that robbed me of my health, self-confidence and happiness. Then something magical happened…I stopped!

My passion is helping women who need to make a change in their lives but have no idea where to start.

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Estelle Coombe-Heath