Simply Better Health was born after realising that contamination was rife in our food chain, as many in the community were struggling to nourish themselves, especially after an illness.  At Simply Better we believe that we have a self-responsibility to both ourselves and our environment to collectively and consciously create a new way forward to nurture our planet for future generations.

Sandy B., Change Maker for World Health…

“I think very differently, I believe there is always a way and that possibilities are endless… we thrive in nature-based environments… it’s time to do life differently. What will you do?

Having been challenged with my own and patient health issues over the last 30 odd years, I recognise 3 key areas that we all experience:

1. What we ingest affects our mind and our mind affects our gut and vice versa.
2. We struggle daily with what we ingest, from our environments and resulting behaviours.
3. We understand that to ward off the many new dis-eases, our internal environment requires our utmost love and attention, but we often do nothing.

So Simply Better programs were born, to gift you:
◊ A better understanding of your own health issues
◊ Inspiration and support to regain a fertile mind and body
◊ Results that are life long and strategies empowering you to self-care

Many clients have often said to me, “I never really understood the link between mind and body, I just followed what others were doing and thought that was normal.  And, to be frank, I didn’t believe I had a choice!”

It doesn’t have to be this way! My three-pronged approach of mental clarity, physical awareness and spiritual intelligence, gives individual attention to meet your specific needs, with understanding, empathy and compassion.


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Sandy B Simmons