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With 15 years’ experience in recruitment across major national and international including Virgin Atlantic, Rolls Royce and My Chemist Warehouse Group, founder Bobby Semple has applied his recruitment and business acumen to his own enterprise, Recruit Support.

From his first day in recruitment, Bobby knew that he had found his dream career: changing lives. To this day, Bobby continues to take great pride and enjoyment in finding and placing the perfect candidate for a role.

Implementing his own philosophy on conducting business and recruitment, Bobby has developed and refined his methods to deliver targeted solutions through a collaborative and educational process with small businesses.

Melbourne’s Simplified Recruitment Solutions is founded on the belief that successful leaders outsource the tasks they don’t have the time or skills to undertake, and put those tasks in the hands of experts that do. It is this passion for supporting SME business owners that has driven Bobby’s pursuit of creating a proven recruitment model that is both affordable and effective.

Through his problem solving skills, business confidence, and relatable yet professional personality, Bobby is able to help identify the most suitable person for a role, even if theydon’t tick all the traditional boxes.

Bobby’s extensive network stretching across multiple industries and countries ensures the Simplified Recruitment Solutions team can provide an affordable and practical solution to support and educate SMEs in recruitment, enabling them to grow and expand their business just like Bobby has achieved in his own endeavours.

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