When is the last time you looked at a photo your business that you really loved?

Do you shudder when you see the stock imagery you plastered on your site just to get your website up and running?

The truth is that photography and imagery is so often an afterthought for businesses and their people.

However, photography is such a powerful tool for businesses, their owners and their staff to create genuine, human connection – even without being in the same room.

The power of imagery has never been more apparent than in the current climate, where so often we cannot be in the same room as the people we work with, the people who use or might use our services.

As a photographer, my biggest skillset is helping my many satisfied customers come to love being photographed and in delivering a final product that inspires an emotional response.

My biggest asset is my emotional intelligence. My ability to connect with people in a way that turns being photographed from an anxiety-inducing and unnatural event into an experience that my clients enjoy.

For many, working with a photographer is often an unnatural event. And typically, it feels that way because it is not something you do very often.

However, I believe that my role as a photographer is to strip back that unauthentic layer of awkwardness and bring to life the real person in front of the camera.

My goal when photographing my clients, their teams and their businesses is to capture the authenticity that is going to make their images stand out.

I specialise in corporate & commercial photography delivering these images to businesses & individuals.

If you need a photographer you can rely on, who cares for your clients whilst delivering outstanding images that make them shine and leave you looking like a hero, then we need to catch up for a coffee.

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Simon James