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Sharpen Business Coaching enables sole traders, small businesses, family businesses, social enterprises, and Not-For-Profits to survive, compete, grow, and achieve more of their purpose.

We do this by providing them with training, tools and expertise created from the collective experience of hundreds of business advisors and thousands of businesses. And, all of this is provided at an affordable price via our group or individual programs.

Power Forward is our group program designed for all small to medium sized businesses that are run by people who are experts at what they do, and who want to become experts at running their business.

It is a multi-faceted Business Acceleration Solution that contains everything you need to reliably drive a business successfully.  It equips owners and operators with comprehensive small business education, a small business operating toolkit, a place to workshop their challenges, a collegiate network, and so much more.  By experiencing this in a Group format, you can leverage millions of dollars of business expertise AT AN INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICE!

Power Forward suits sole traders, small businesses, family businesses, professional practices, social enterprises, and Not-For-Profits that want to compete, grow, and become bigger businesses.

No Limits is our personalised, 1on1 Business Success Partnership program and suits more established businesses that have been operating successfully for some time but know they have more potential.   No Limits also suits businesses wanting to maximise their potential sale value, grow aggressively, or simply want a personalised Partner to help them tackle their unique challenges.

By partnering with Sharpen, you can leverage the accumulated experience and output of my Network of successful business leaders who have done it all before and know what works. You get to avoid repeating their mistakes, and leapfrog directly to tools, methods and guidance that are known to produce winning results.

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