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Intruder Alarms – Installation & Service
We install, service & monitor all makes and models of alarms. We offer hard wired or wireless systems and we design the best solution for your premises, requirements and budget. Just by having an alarm system installed is not enough these days. Criminals are well aware that alarm sirens must shut down within 5 minutes under Australian law, your neighbours will usually ignore them and police in Victoria won’t even respond to unmonitored alarms! Now more than ever we all need to seriously consider monitoring by a Grade A1 back to base monitoring station. Your predetermined response to an intruder incident has been documented well in advance of you being notified of an incident and being in a heightened state of concern.

Have you considered what will happen to your Alarm when you lose your copper phone line by switching to the NBN? We specialise in converting your Alarm to be NBN ready.

CCTV Video Surveillance
Affordable quality Video Surveillance is available to all these days. You can be secure and gain the peace of mind that you can provide the authorities with valuable clear footage if needed. We can provide Motion-Activated, full HD CCTV with time-stamps for searching & verification, with surveillance cameras able to be monitored on your mobile phone, allowing you to dial in at any time and see what’s happening.

Grade A1 back-to-base Monitoring
Clients serious about security choose back-to-base monitoring, with insurers often requiring this level of protection. With this service, when a monitored security detector activates, the alarm automatically calls the monitoring centre within seconds, while sounding your local sirens. Trained personnel quickly telephone you to check if the alarm is valid, and security patrols or other responding personnel are quickly dispatched if there’s any doubt.

This service ensures you have trained operators capable of watching over you and your property anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our Australian Standards (AS2201.2.A1) certified monitoring centre.

We customise your Alarm response instructions to suit your personal circumstances so that your level of monitoring will give you Peace of Mind without costing you an arm and a leg.

Call NOW to Arrange your On-Site Assessment by a Licenced Security Professional.

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