Health Coach, Wellness Advocate, mum of boys, writer + creative.

I work with driven people and busy mums to overcome stress and fatigue.

With a previous career in luxury high-end Fashion + Lifestyle retail and frequent international travel as a buyer for my two family businesses in Sydney, I know what it is like to feel stressed and to reach burn out. I am passionate about expressing our highest self and my mission is to help others find new approaches to living – and thriving – without the overwhelm.

In my 1:1 sessions and 3 month packages we explore root causes of health concerns and blocks that might be holding you back – and stopping you from living in your power as your most confident and vital self. By making lifestyle changes around food, exercise, mindset, gut health, inflammation, stress, sleep, self-care and connection I help clients bust old habits – for more energy and less stress.

My Master the Basics – Live in Flow, Uplevel + Thrive Series is designed to teach and implement basic health and life skills. These are your building blocks and a tool kit of skills to create a solid foundation – which you own for life. So you can smash your goals, stay on track, and know how to get back on the road quickly when you face life’s challenges.

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Sascha Jones