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Sarah Denholm Coaching is for people who want to feel more confident, comfortable and connected to themselves – both when they’re by themselves, and with other people.

For years, I had my own struggles with low self-confidence…around how I looked, how I came across to others, how ‘dull’ I was. My whole worthiness to be heard and to feel that I mattered.

My Background

During my years at music college in the U.K. I suffered performance anxiety. I coped – until severe eczema took over my body. I deteriorated until I had to be hospitalised, twice. At one point I didn’t leave the house for three months – my world was tiny, and my confidence non-existent.

When I resurfaced, my anxiety had became overwhelming, and I could barely get on stage. I had to do something or lose my career.


I found my performing anxiety solution: learning how to speak in public. I started as a freaked-out speaker, trying to talk to concert audiences.

But I found that with specific tools and practice I began to enjoy public speaking. This started my passion for helping others to speak effectively and build their self-image.

Life Coaching and my own Speaking Business

I was one of the first life coaches trained in Australia in 2000, and I started my own company, Improve Your Public Speaking, in 2009.

What’s important

As I’ve got older too, I’ve realised more and more the importance of living as fully and visibly as we choose to – and if we lack confidence, that’s really hard to do. Confidence is a crucial key.

If you’ve read this far, I share all of this with you because my life has been a constant journey in building my self-worth and self-confidence, and I know from working with 1000’s of clients, and achieving success in my own life, that I can help you too.

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