Reclaim your inner Goddess - Stel Coombe-Heath


I’m very passionate about restoring a healthy relationship with your body, so the method I share in this book is called the “Sacred body awakening”.

A step-by-step roadmap to have a better relationship with your body.

I’m excited for you to learn more about how you can feel happier and at home in your own skin. This journey takes honesty, releasing old beliefs, and the willingness to see things differently. Ultimately, we work together to heal your relationship with your body.

Are you ready to reclaim your inner goddess?

Do you long for a life in flow, abundance and feminine power?

Reclaim your Inner Goddess guides you through chakra alignment to self-love and the fulfillment of your purpose.

Seven powerful women share wisdom, power, passion and vulnerability to guide you in reclaiming your inner goddess.

This book is for you if:
– You feel a sense of emptiness inside
– You are out of touch with yourself or others
– You consistently feel uncertain of yourself
– Your head is constantly on a merry-go-round from daily stressors
– Your emotions overwhelm you
– You eat mindlessly and sometimes you are unconscious of eating
– You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin
– You feel cut off from your body like it’s not a part of you
– You cannot stand looking at yourself in the mirror
– You cannot find one positive thing to say about yourself or your body

“A must-read for any woman who wants to – re-enter yourself and reclaim your sacred empowerment. Ladies, join the revolution. It is time to reclaim your inner goddess!” -Jemimah Ashleigh, The Visibility Lab, International Keynote Speaker & Best-selling Author

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