Real Fringe Hair Bands


My name is Nicole Dematos and I am the creator and owner of Real Fringe Hair Bands. I have been an oncology nurse for the last 20+ years and absolutely love my job. I am so inspired by the “realness” in my patients’ & their loved one’s vulnerability. I was inspired by a patient of mine who sewed her own hair (before she lost it from chemotherapy) onto an elastic headband. With her blessing, 5-6 years (after giving her the treatment she required) Real Fringe Hair Bands was created…

This product enables Oncology and Alopecia recipients to wear “Real hair” under their head wear. …enabling them to blend in just like you and me. This will enhance their ability to have their TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF shine through.


Dyed, grey and natural hair can be used to create a hair donation. Many people have been contacting us asking how it is best to create a hair donation.

It is best for the hairdresser to section the hair in 2-3 parts (depending on how thick the hair is), apply a elastic band to each section and then cut 1 cm above each of the elastic bands. Min 15 cm length is accepted. The hair donation can then be placed in a zip lock bag and posted to the address on the hair donation form. (A hair donation form can be sent if requested via private message).

The hair is then sewn onto a patented band and can be worn under headwear by both oncology and alopecia recipients.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Nicole Dematos