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Child exploitation is growing and we need to continually grow as well. We create local investigation teams in areas of South East Asia to investigate reports of child sexual exploitation using a replicatable model that empowers sustainability and effectiveness.

The training regime includes:
•Investigation methods.
•Intelligence gathering.
•Evidence preservation and integrity.
•Case management.
•Informer management.
•Local police, government and NGO liaison.
•Fundraising and sustainable operation methods.

Through this model, we train and mentor local investigator teams, empowering them to become self-funding, self-sustaining and self-directed over a four year period. This frees us to continually bring our policing and operational expertise to a new group of trainees and leaders operating in a new area every year.

The Sentinel Project is planning a major media campaign in Australia to create awareness, networking opportunities, potential partnering and funding so keep an eye out for future developments.

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Tania White
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