PPC Urban Consulting


PPC Urban Consulting Pty Ltd has a team of experienced town planners and property analysts.

Drawing on extensive careers in private and public sectors, PPC Urban banner has flourished with professional and dedicated teams specialising in the core markets of Development Approval, Master / Strategic Planning, Subdivision, Development Contributions Planning, Market Assessment, and Financial Feasibility.

We have developed robust specialisation in:

• Finding optimal solutions to complex issues and market opportunities through comprehensive analysis. We bring together experience with thorough research to deliver strong outcomes for healthcare, childcare and social infrastructure planning and delivery, employment lands, housing projects across Australia.

• Providing advice relating to development potential and market insights for a wide range of projects in property investments and re-developments; and

• Facilitating re-developments of land in Victoria through obtaining development approvals for residential, healthcare, commercial and industrial applications.

Our mission is to make property development easy and profitable. Our values to your success are to assist you in making effective investment decisions, meeting your objectives, and growing your capacity for next challenges.

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