Our aim is to make BETTER WORKPLACES where people and businesses flourish and wellbeing and psychological safety are actively supported and practised everyday.


Our Better Workplace Project methodology utilises best practice frameworks from around the world centred in positive psychology and strengths to fundamentally change the way that people are led, managed and engaged.

We came to the conclusion that we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are lots of great platforms and tools out there and freely available.

What we did was find the best of those and blend them together into a multi-faceted toolkit that can really deliver positive change in an engaging and effective way.


Our “Engage Mentality” coaching programs deliver “Better Coaching” because we adopt a whole of person and whole of workplace experience approach through 5 lenses – the roles people play, the relationships they have, the values of the organisation, their individual strengths and their personal wellbeing. Overlay that with a continuous coaching process and a positive mindset and you have a powerful methodology that has real, current and ongoing impact right across the employee experience.


Our “Better Change” programs are founded in Appreciative Inquiry, the powerful change management process that utilises a positive psychology and strengths-based approach that delivers far more than traditional problem solving methodologies. Overlay that with a communications strategy that uses positive language and active stakeholder engagement and you transform both the experience and the outcomes in change management.


Our “Better Stories” are multi-faceted for example:

– reframing conversations and communications and policies and stories in positive language.

– explainers, case studies and best practice showcases that can be instructive and inspirational.

– finding ways to make communications more interactive and fun for everyone involved.

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