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Kerry Anne Nelson

Are you a retail business leader who is responsible for the expansion of the team and multiplication of outlets?

► Want your team to work faster in your business?

Improve your operational efficiency with documented tasks that create at least 20% more output

► Tired of fixing staff mistakes or doing it yourself because it’s easier?

Reduce error rates by up to 100% with easy-to follow videos, checklists, templates and proformas

► Looking to duplicate and multiply business outlets?

Scale your retail business with teachable, repeatable workflow systems that cut training time in half

► How does it work?


Personalised consulting and onsite workshops, teach entrepreneurs and their teams how to create a highly effective workplace by systemising their daily business processes. Your new silky-smooth operations will yield:

✔ More productivity without taking more time

✔ Increased accuracy without extra instruction

✔ Greater control with less micromanagement

Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with formalising workplace processes to make things run smoothly. She teaches retailers everywhere to revel in the snowballing freedoms which come from streamlined systems. Kerry Anne knows first-hand the difference watertight processes make. She personally transformed her debt-ridden family business after her husband’s unexpected death in 2014. This is what her current business, Operation Verve, is all about.

► What do others think?


“What Kerry Anne can do for you in regard to developing management systems will have that business of yours humming like a dream! She is the one to hire to establish the framework to build your business into something much bigger than yourself”

Denise Hall, Business Broker & Exit Strategist

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