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Profitable sales are the lifeblood of your business and if the idea of selling brings on a cold sweat, then you are not making the most of your opportunities.

Metisan helps you overcome barriers to improving your sales performance, from defining your own no-fail sales process to recruiting the right salesperson for your business.

A salesperson’s job isn’t to sell; it’s to make it easy for your customers to buy. You know your business, and your customers, and together we will create a yellow brick road that will lead you all the way to profitable sales

Services include:

  • Craft your sales story.
    • Create a sales pitch that gets results. Metisan can help you craft your story.
  • Refine your sales process.
    • Your sales process is your yellow brick road to more profitable sales.
  • Boost your Sales People.
    • Get the right salesperson to help build your business and boost sales.
  • Sales Success Coaching.
    • Keep your sales people motivated, excited, and most of all effective

Selling has been part of Frances’ life for over 25 years and she has had success in every industry and small or large businesses. She also knows to many, “sales” is a dirty word because it’s been disconnected from the relationships with customers.

She created Metisan to bridge that gap, to demystify the sales process and sales people so that everyone can improve their business sales performance.

Success in sales is born from a sense of understanding. Understanding what you offer, understanding what your customers are looking for and understanding why they say Yes. The Metisan process uncovers the knowledge inside your business and helps you design a sales process built around your customer that you can rely on every time.

When you have a sales process that works for you, your team, and your customers it won’t seem like selling at all.

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