Mera Chemicals was founded 1997 and has over 20 years’ experience in research and product development within many different industries. We are one of the largest manufacturers of antifoam and defoamers in Australia.

Today the company is on its way to expanding its export opportunities as well as the continuation of dominating the defoamer market in Australia.

In 2020 when COVID 19 emerged, Mera Chemicals was designated as an essential service we are supplying hospital-grade sanitiser to thousands of essential services across Australia, including medical practices, hospitals, aged care facilities, educational institutions, and police stations. Our 80% ethanol formula is also available to the broader business community.

Our rapid growth and success is due to the extensive experience of our employees providing the highest manufacturing quality and local technical solutions for our customers in Australia. We pride ourselves on quick response to customer requests and provide local solution for local problems.

It is common for our research and development team to fine tune our commercial formulations to solve specific and unique application problems.

Our company policy is for all employees continually to undergo regular training to maintain the highest standards in each key area:

– Product Development
– Manufacturing Expertise
– Application Knowledge
– Marketing
– Customer Service

The success so far would not be possible without the constant dedication of the Mera Chemicals team, who ensure we offer the utmost exceptional customer service to all our clients.

Contact Person
Dr John Stavrakis