Having the utmost curiosity and respect for design in all of its forms – distinctive art, elevated marketing collateral, clever product design, mindfully-crafted fashion, beautiful words and inspiring architecture – Melissa has spent much of her adult life admiring and exploring design and brand psychology, refining her skillset.

Above all, she loves the power of how a brand can make you feel.

There are reasons we are loyal to particular brands, and it comes down to their story and the way that story made us feel.

  • Did it portray luxury?
  • Craftsmanship?
  • Expertise?
  • Masculinity?
  • Transparency?

We are drawn to a brand when their values align with our own which is why it is imperative to establish your brand story without relying on just a logo.

Honing in on this passion, Melissa assists businesses in telling their brand story to their target audience through a strategically crafted visual identity and developing considered branded collateral, so that their ideal client/customer is drawn to them without the need of the traditional “hard sell”.

She lives and breathes bringing brands to life – conceptualising and communicating your brand so that it is akin to a living being: it has personality, culture, vision, emotion and intelligence.

Ultimately, connecting with your target audience on an emotional level which is where the magic really happens – product sales, client leads and loyal brand ambassadors.

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Melissa Fato