Mary Philippou Business Mentor


The ultimate step by step guide to making money by somebody who has done it.

Why did you go into business in the first place? Did you accidentally just buy yourself a J O B?

Mary Philippou is one of the best business strategic minds in the entrepreneurial space today. With her business experience now covering over 30 years including raising a family while having a life of balance, dancing and fun.

With her knowledge, skills and expertise in sales, communication, people, networks, negotiation, she now turns her attention to helping others achieve financial success in their business.

She wants to show women how to enjoy family life and claim the freedom that a business should deliver, while making money and for that to stop being a dirty word once and for all.

Mary aims to make women love SALES, love making MONEY while enjoying the PROFIT and all that brings to life – FREEDOM, LIFESTYLE and PEACE OF MIND.

This book covers THE NUMBERS, SELLING FROM THE HEART, CREATIVITY, MONEY MINDSET, GOALS, PLANNING, BALANCE and much more. All wrapped around her mantra of PASSION, PEOPLE, PERSEVERANCE, being PROACTIVE and POSITIONING YOURSELF as the Expert in your Field of Excellence.

Join Mary while she SHOWS you the MONEY. Perfect for those SCREAMING for PROFIT, who have run out of excuses, who have run out of time and whom failure is simply not an option.

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