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Connection is critical to business success as the POWER of positive meaningful connections generate feelings of TRUST which are CORE to building a successful business.

Do you wish you had help in in the following ways?

1. Make a call with a winning script, right tonality and life experience to have a quality conversation to obtain a qualified lead?

2. Find the right Key Decision Maker to get you in front of your target market, influence them to see the big picture of your business idea?

3. Build instant rapport in a meeting, negotiate a deal or a working relationship that will establish a productive partnership or joint venture?

4. Write laser focused conversational marketing copy that establishes your credibility, elicits trust, encompasses empathy, provides educational value with the ability to understand the timing and gentle influence to help them act to the next step?

5. Through active listening gain the trust and respect of your employees, customers, business partner or life partner? Eliminate miscommunication that is brought to businesses through personal issues?

The Offer: Subcontract me!


Training for Script writing, phone coaching for staff or business owners
Short term cold calling


1. I am your ‘Hunter’ for the KPI/Key Decision maker for your business development requirements

2. Written copy that connects, influences and converts
• Sponsorship proposals, agreements
• Landing page copy including auto responders
• Lead magnets
• EDM Campaigns
• Facebook content

3. Negotiating an outcome for your business goals

4. Events that WOW and build relationships


Business Couple Coaching- How to work with each other in the business without sacrificing the marriage

Leadership Coaching- How to establish a culture of integrity, respect and team building

Life coaching- How to manage your own triggers in a stressful environment be it personal or business

Connection Coaching- I assist you to connect with your inner self so that you show up more authentically.

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