Madgwicks is an awarded firm of over 100 staff built on belief and aspiration to be the best we can be – something we strive to achieve for each of our clients.

We know that our clients want legal expertise, with a business eye, a commercial explanation, viable outcomes and alternative solutions. We know they also want a trusted advisor who can help them to prevent making uninformed decisions and, if things do get tough, they want a legal advisor who can shoulder their anxiety and provide a good level of comfort so they can sleep at night.

At Madgwicks, we focus on developing, nurturing and managing long-term relationships with our clients. We do this by being easy to work with at every step of the way; outcome focused to identify options and solutions; and by operating as an effective, passionate and highly connected team.

Everyone at Madgwicks is guided by these core principles because, in a nutshell, we care.

“A smart firm that knows their way around.

You establish a more personal relationship with the people that are there. I’ve dealt with the much larger firms and I’m finding that when we deal with the larger firms we become a number, but with Madgwicks they care about their client. Furthermore, there’s always opportunity for relevant networking or involvement – they seem to be switched on and tuned into where you are right at that time.”

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Catherine Ballantyne