Love me always

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Each piece is original and handcrafted just for you. To symbolise, remember and celebrate a very precious loved one. No piece is the same. Made with lots of love, care and passion so you will never lose touch. Made from 999 Silver your precious piece will shine bright like your angel.

My passion is to work very close with my clients. Understanding the pain of grief, and how lost and alone we feel, I will help you with the process from our first point of call. I will organise to come out to take your loved one’s fingerprint impression. Home, hospital and palliative care wherever they may be. If your loved one has passed away, I can attend the funeral home to take the fingerprint impression. This will need to be organized with the funeral home you have chosen.

I will take the fingerprint impression directly into the Silver clay so they have truly touched your piece. I will also take a silicone mould so we can keep this on file if you decide you want more pieces created. Quite often other people find this moment over whelming at the time and can’t make a decision. Later they wish they had of had a piece made. It’s not too late as we will have the silicon mould of your loved ones fingerprint impression on file. I can keep this on file for you or you are welcome to keep it yourself. You can select a design similar to the samples or we can create something to your wishes and budget.

Our precious Cats and Dogs are also a huge part of our families. I can take their paw print impressions too.

For no occasion but to know you have your loved one’s print…….

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Slade Shaw