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Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle is an independent TV show which educates and inspires the community around the hot topics of health, wellbeing and quality lifestyle and promoting the services of small businesses in those sectors.

The show will be broadcasted weekly on C31 with the possibility of a repeat. The broadcasting commences in November.

C31 is a free-to-air community TV channel. C31 broadcast footprint covers Metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong, a potential audience of 4.3 million people. Last autumn 1 million people tuned in to fishing and lifestyle programs. I have attached more information about C31 broadcasting.

The duration of each episode is 25 minutes and consists of 2 segments of 8 min each and one of 4 min.

Professional guests educate the viewers on a specific topics around health, wellbeing and lifestyle but they do not talk about their business.

▪ The show is on demand on C31 website

▪ Professional guests get their footage for their website or social media upload

▪ The program will be uploaded on Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Youtube channel for on demand viewing

▪ Details of participant businesses will be shown on Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle’s website for 3 months. The show’s website will be promoted throughout the program.

Please contact me to discuss this business opportunity further on 0414 994 698 or

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Costa Athanassiou
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