Little Notes Performances


Little Notes Performances is a Melbourne based music agency that provides a unique and enchanting offering for young musicians towards performance training.

Established in 2014 with a dedication and passion to providing young performers the ability to shine, we are proud to be a part of their success.

Students learn to grow and develop often overlooked performance skills, such as how to interact with their audience, developing skills to perform locally and build their music portfolio.

Events are provided in ‘black tie’ providing a professional touch to our fine music.

Guest workshops are also incorporated in our curriculum to provide valuable interactions with professional musicians, and leaders in cross media such as music & movement, dance & ballet and drama.

Each event the children perform at is placed in their portfolios which is then used to apply for scholarships and their music pathways in the future.

We aim to raise awareness as to how gifted these children are, and help them receive trophies from activities other than sports.

We believe they work just as hard and deserve the right to be heard as an Auskicker does on a NAB footy field.

Whether it be roving musicians for a festival, pre-dinner drinks at a wedding or light music for a private dinner party or function, we have you covered.

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Coral O'Malley