Lena Coates, is the dynamic force and CEO of Lena Coates and Associates, where she’s not just a career coach but a transformative guide in the realms of outplacement, career coaching and bespoke executive search. With a rich career spanning over 25 years across diverse sectors, Lena has earned her stripes as a true professional in the competitive coaching field.

Lena’s leadership at Lena Coates and Associates goes beyond the ordinary. Armed with the coveted ICF qualification as a Certified Professional Coach in Transformative Coaching, she infuses cutting-edge methodologies into her personalized programs, making each coaching journey uniquely impactful.

But Lena is more than just a coach; she’s a certified Personal Trainer, bringing a holistic approach by blending physical and mental fitness principles into her coaching programs. It’s not just about knowledge—it’s about fostering the resilience needed for the twists and turns of professional success.
What truly sets Lena apart is not just her impressive corporate experience and qualifications, but her warm charisma and genuine commitment to her clients’ success. Lena just isn’t a coach, she has actually “walked the talk” through her own professional corporate and personal journey therefore she understands the up’s and down’s many face in their careers and life. She doesn’t just coach; she becomes a confidante, diving into the essence of her clients’ professional and personal aspirations, ensuring a journey tailored to their unique needs.

In Lena’s world, where she wears the hats of a Corporate Executive, Senior Executive Search Consultant, and Expert Career Coach, success stories aren’t just individual—they’re a collective triumph. Her impactful guest speaking engagements, webinars, and individual coaching programs, underscore her dedication to shaping the careers and lives of many.

Yet, Lena’s impact extends beyond the professional; she’s a firm believer in giving back. Through pro-bono services and her active role on the Board of The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria, Lena exemplifies a commitment to philanthropy, contributing to social and welfare needs in the community.
Ready to embark on a transformative, friendly journey with an coaching industry leader? Lena offers a no obligation complimentary chat, where her insightful coaching methodologies await. Therefore, don’t hesitate to speak with Lena at the next VIP Networking event when you are ready to step up into a world of comprehensive and impressive professional achievement with Lena Coates as your friendly guide.

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