Learn Awesome


Learn Awesome is a digital education consultancy that exists to help businesses and individuals digitise their knowledge, train your staff, create RAD training programs to educate your tribe.

We do this by focussing on three key areas and type of clients:

  1. You’re a business and you need to digitise your business knowledge to grow, scale and protect your knowledge capital- we can help
  2. You’re a business or expert looking to generate leads for their business and want to do so by offering to teach your target market “how to fish” -we can help
  3. You’re a business or expert who want to commercialise and sell their knowledge – we can help

We do this through the planning, design, development and review of everything online education, platforms, content creation, content structuring, learner engagement and plenty more.

Our team works across multiple sectors and businesses sizes, but we keep it real and value having fun and keeping the energy and excitement high.

We look forward to help you or your network.

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Steve Corney