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Business Mastermind Workbook

THE KEY TO SALES SUCCESS in business is to become a Master of the Science of Sales.

The Business Mastermind Workbook provides a development platform to build the world’s best salespeople. The workbook dives deeply into frequent sales challenges, making a winning first impression, building rapport, understanding psychological based customer behaviours, mastering conversational rhythm, communicating effectively, leadership techniques, high-level customer service strategies and much more.

It is designed to help you focus, develop and practice phenomenal sales skills needed to be successful in today’s world of selling. The L.E.C. method, framework and toolkit have been curated over decades of experience in sales, management, operations, and leadership, igniting new ways of discovering growth opportunities to supercharge your business.

The theory behind the book translates into a framework I have developed over the last 20 years:
‘The Periodic Table of Sales’.

This is used to determine the formula to master the skills of influential selling.

The book will guide you through these essential elements to intrinsically develop the mindset, the skillset and arm you with a toolkit to activate opportunities, overcome challenges and set the foundation for business success.

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