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Are you a caring heart-centred professional or entrepreneur who feels burnt out, exhausted and disillusioned and stressed due to all of your work?

  • And to top it all off you are not getting paid what you’re worth?
  • Maybe you don’t even believe you deserve more money
  • Have you ever stopped to think about that?

I work with caring professionals and that really do want to make a difference in the lives of others, but they feel invisible and undervalued.

As a Registered Nurse myself for over 30 years, I have been caught in that trap. I noticed that most of us in this industry have a blame mentality when it comes to money. Either we don’t feel we deserve it, it’s impossible, or we just feel like we’re on an endless treadmill where we can’t even slow down enough to think about it.

I felt that way myself until I learned how to tap into my own source of wealth. I discovered what was getting in the way of my financial wellbeing (and then that of my clients) and learned how to shift into a state of believing, no apologies, that I deserve more, I deserve for my needs to be met and I deserve more money. And it came. I nearly tripled my income and freed up my experience of money, and my ability to receive.

I realized that while my patients need care, I need care as well. And that I can actually be at the helm of my own life rather than at the mercy of my job.

I want to help you through coaching and workshops to come to a place where you believe, no apologies, that you deserve more too.

‘ME FIRST’   – Burn Bright Don’t Burnout!

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