Organised and thoughtful people use Last Farewell to ensure their wishes are clearly defined and recorded when it comes their time to leave this earth.

With over 20 years’ experience in the funeral industry, and in the quagmire in which the funeral industry thrives, Robyn can create a clear path forward so that your final wishes are written down in a clear and concise manner.

Organising your final farewell is not about wanting to die! Most people want a say in how they live out their final years, so why not choose what you want when those years come to an end?

Robyn is able to bring an ease to those difficult conversations that people avoid and yet, after a meeting with some laughs and plans in place, most wonder why they didn’t do it sooner! They also have the added bonus of knowing they have alleviated a lot of the emotional stress of making complex decisions at a time where they may be incapable of making sense of anything!

What an amazing gift for those you love!

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Robyn O'Connell