Katherine Isbrandt


Katherine Isbrandt is an experienced Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) passionately helping, educating and supporting clients to develop strategic investmet plans for their retirement, and clients who have already retired and wish to maximise their income and government benefits for income security and asset longevity.

Katherine is a specialist in the area of Aged Care as well as Estate Planning. With over twenty years of industry experience, katherine has built her boutique advisory and cosnurltancy business with passion, empathy and the desire to assist, believeing that everyone desrves a helping hand to fulfil their life dreams.

Katherine is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller “Change Makers” and an established speaker on different finanical topics such as:
– Retire Wealthy even if you Start Late
– People pleasers do not retire wealthy – stop being a Good Girl
– 8 easy steps to fix your finanical burden once and for all
– Being single does not mean being poor
– Age Pension – underestimated guarantee of good life
– Aged Care does not need to be complex

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Katherine Isbrandt