Intuitive Whispers

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Intuitive Whispers is a business that provides help and support for woman to connect to their innate wisdom.

This may be in the form of attending a workshop, being mentored and/or using my Breast Care Deodorant. This beautiful deodorant is a culmination of many years of my personal story, coming together.

  • High stress jobs. Reapplying deodorant many times a day.
  • Trying many natural deodorants……often left you stinky quickly.

I didn’t like the long-term affects of the chemicals going into my body.Next, a number of breast lump scares……So, I began researching & learning.

Finally, I have created my own deodorant.

  • Now I don’t contribute to the nasty hormone disrupters & upset my compromised lymph system.
  • I actually add goodness, love & care to my body every single day.

Ps, completely stinky free too….

I feel passionately about empowering women in many forms, particularly those within the creative & fashion industries.

Whether that be reconnecting and trusting their intuition again, trusting the guides that we are given who keep us on track, making decisions & guidance for our greatest good.

Many of us, ignore these signs (due to many reasons) when life could actually be a lot easier, calmer and abundant instead of chasing our tails, looking for fulfilment in other areas and the fatigue and pressure that brings.

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Jane Vandermeer
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