Intogreat Offshoring and Consulting


Intogreat is an offshoring and consulting company with offices in Melbourne and Manilla.

We work with clients to find the jobs that take up a lot of time but earn low or no income, jobs that could be done by someone else. We want to help you harness the power of offshoring to free up your time, so you can get back to doing what you love and increase your earnings.

Based on your job description we do an extensive interview and recruitment process. Once a suitable candidate is found we work with you to set KPI’s, so there are clear targets for what good looks like.

Offshore staff members are your people, who perform your processes, using your systems. They are supported by Intogreat team leaders who manage and assist them to meet your business goals.

We specialise in helping Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants and Insurance but assist clients across many verticals.

Our goal is to do the heavy lifting to make offshoring easy for you.

Adam and his team at Intogreat introduced us to the benefits of having an offshore resource within our team. We were stepped through a very professional process that matched the particular skill set that we were looking for with talented professionals. The experience has been very positive and having Adam’s team run the recruitment and drive the induction process has enabled us to focus on the things that we are good at. We would highly recommend Intogreat to anyone considering offshoring.
*Financial Affairs | David Page | Managing Director

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